Becoming a Photographer
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Photograpy, Photography is not a new term to all of us, it's something we interact with on a daily basis and something we all love.
Photography has now proven to be better than before, photographers trying to showcase their best skills and clients wanting more than just a mere picture. 
So in this article we will talk about photography, how to make it in the photography world. And I got honoured to feature if not the best, one of the best photographers Kisumu has to offer and he shared his story on how he started out small and now he is one of the recognizable names in the photography industry delivering the best shots you can ever think of and it's none other than Saginigram.

How did you start Saginigram?

When the Saginigram journey started, I didn't know that it would come this far. I started photography just as joke, but motivated through a friend, friends who challenge you are the best, I generally loved taking pictures with my smart phone before I purchased my first camera. I started with a low budget camera, some entry level camera from canon, my motive was not to do business with it, I just wanted to capture moments in my life, with not a single thought of doing business. By that time I was working in the events sector as someone who does decorations. My boss knew I had a camera and I started taking pictures of her works for promotional purposes, she really pushed me to achieve more, I also started knowing friends who had cameras who made me love prime lenses and then I bought my first and second prime lenses, then upgraded my camera because the demand of taking pictures was so much. My friends have really motivated my journey as a photographer they have really elevated me. My boss also introduced me to the corporate sector where I really made a lot of profits that made me upgrade my gears, all this has happened within two years and I'm grateful to everyone who has made an impact in my journey as a photographer. Currently the saginigram dream is still alive and  great.

What type of lenses do you use? 

I love prime lenses, currently I'm using 85mm I've also used 50mm, 70-300mm and kit lens 18-55mm.

What can you tell upcoming photographers?

The best I can tell you is that your network is your networth, your close friend sare your greatest supporters, and a lot of practice makes perfect. Leraing is a continous process and I do a lot of Youtube in order to leran from others.

What do I need to have so as to get into photography?

Photography is like an investement, the gears are not cheap, if one is planning to, maybe they save up and have the determination in order to have good gears and skills because they are a lot of photographers around and for you to match the minimum standard of good pictures it will need a lot more good gears and experience.


Some of the Best Shots Captured by Saginigram



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