Creating Github Pages
#Front-End #HTML #CSS

Hey, Have you ever wanted to get that portfolio of yours online but don't have money to buy a domain name or get a platform to host your portfolio, worry no more.

Today I'll show you how to host your portfolio on github pages absolutely FREE, all you have to do is have a github account, so let's get started...

1. You need to have a github account, if you don't have one go ahead and create one, I won't show you how to do it because it is simple to set up a github account.

2. After your account is set, go ahead and login and you'll see a apage like this;

3. Click on the New Button (Grren One), to create a new repository. 

4. On the repository name, enter your github account name the way it is then add i.e

Note: You must put your name there, otherwise it won't work. 

In the above screeshot, I have use my account name though it says the repository already exists, it is because i had already created it. Yours will have some green text saying the name you chose is available.

5. Leave the Public checkbox as it is, You can enable the README checkbox and add your README files or content.

6. Scroll dwon and clink on the Create Repository Button.

7. You will then be greated by this page

8. From here you can choose whether you want to create a new file or uploading an existing file. I am assuming you had already written your portfolio and tested in your machine and it was ready for deployment. So we will go witj uploading an existing file. Click on uploading new file and you'll be redirected to a new screen.

9. From here you can drag and drop your portfolio files or click on Choose your files, then scroll down and click on Commit Changes Button. It will take a while processing your files then you will see this:

NOTE: Don't drag the whole folder instead open your portfolio folder then where you have your index.html files now select your files from there and drag and drop

10. Once you see this, you are all set. Your CSS, JS, Images, index.html files should appear in the place where you are seing the images.jpeg (I just used that for demo purposes). You can now go ahead and type the repository name in your browser url and you'll see your portfolio. You can share the link to your friends.

That's all, Hope you learned something, Don't forget to hit that upvote button if it helped.

Happy coding, see you soon.