Is HTML still worth the play

So recently I’ve heard people bashing HTML saying it’s a useless “programming language” or something of the sort which i think is not the case.

Can a website really function without HTML?

The answer to the above question I personally think is NO. HTML basically is what renders contents into a browser. So you really need HTML for your website otherwise it will be like trying to model a person’s body without bones.

Is learning HTML alone enough?

NO, Knowing HTML won’t take you anywhere, static websites are a thing of the past right now.

Your website needs to look attractive and that’s where CSS comes on now to help you with the styling.

Your website needs to be dynamic and that’s where JavaScript comes in to help make things dynamic in your site.

So you need to know HTML, CSS, JavaScript to at least get a job as a front-ender.

So you can say HTML is all useless but we’ll still find some HTML codes in your site i.e


Is HTML, CSS, JavaScript enough?

I’d say it all depends on what you want to achieve, if you want to create a website that only displays content and doesn’t need to have some operations going on at the back then knowing HTML, CSS and JavaScript is enough.

Now what if you want to create a website that has backend functionalities? Then knowing HTML, CSS and JavaScript is not enough. You need to spice things with some knowledge of backend programming languages which are quite a number but the most common used are PHP and Node.js.

With those you at least get the backend of your website up and running.

But again do you need some information inserted and fetched from your database? With this now you need to have a database, it can be a Sql database or a NoSql database. So choose whatever you want and learn the appropriate way on how to implement it.

So in summary, you need HTML knowledge if you’d want to get into web development and at the same time HTML alone isn’t enough, you need to compliment it with other programming languages.

That’s all for now and thanks for reading.