My Prayer
#Productivity #Lifestyle #Poetry

It's not by my wish or might to see tomorrow,
But it's all by His grace and love
People are in hospital beds
But here I am writing this piece
In sound health 
Thanks be to the Most High,
He can simply take my breath in my sleep,
Rather He watches after me,
He can make me have sleepless nights,
Instead He enchants me with sweet dreams...

I know I have grown horns,
Horns that need to be trimmed and cut off,
I am gonna get down on my knees and bow down to you,
And ask for forgiveness
You are a just God
For you never discriminate
And you are a jealous God 
For you never want us to worship any other gods 
I know You'll never abandon me
You answer all prayers and this is my prayer,

Heavenly Father  I know I am sinner,
May You cleanse my heart and soul cause your kingdom is all I seek,
May You bless me with more wisdom just like King Solomon,
May You fulfill my wishes,
And grant me my heart desires 
I believe only you grants wishes,
Cause fairy god mother's are found in stories,
You never let your son's down cause you're the mightiest of them all,
Only You can wipe off my tears and replace it with happiness,
I adore you My heavenly Father,
See me through my sad times
See me through my happy times
And may I never loose hope
May I never loose faith 
For I trust in you 
And acknowledging you shall set me free from all the bondages,
This is my prayer.