When I'm Gone
#Productivity #Lifestyle #Poetry

When I'm gone, 
I'll miss my family and friends 
Who we shared fun moments, 
Sadness and laughter 
I'll miss talking to them 
The ones who didn't like me, 
I'll be nowhere to annoy them

When I'm gone, 
I'll miss my playlist 
And my favorite artists
I won't be the noisy neighbour 
Who plays loud music 
To disturb your ear 
I will be six feet under 
Somewhere quiet 

When I'm gone, 
I'll miss gazing at the stars
I'll miss the rays of sunshine 
I'll miss the shadow under a tree 
And the rain droplets 
That used to wipe my worries 
But I won't be worried anymore, 
I'll be at peace 

When I'm gone, 
My lover will find somebody better 
Who will promise her forever 
I couldn't promise her forever 
Because I knew life's too short 
I will die smiling 
Because I spent my a part of my life 
With a person I really loved 

When I'm gone, 
I hope people will remember me, 
I hope they'll remember the 
Good things I did to them
I hope they'll remember my kindness 
And how humble I was 
If I've ever done you wrong, 
I ask for forgiveness now 
Coz when I'm gone, 
I won't be able to ask you